‘Through my eyes’ is a personal story which focuses on Erin’s hometown of Hull. Through her distinctive, joyous style of design work and stitch she focuses on a sense of place and belonging. Erin explores the preconceptions made about the city and hopes through her exciting style of work it will showcase her cultural heritage in a positive way and make residents feel proud of their home and for others to see the city in a new light. Her final major project is a collection of 7 pieces that work together when hung or on their own. The pieces are all different sizes, all heavily hand embroidered and have a hand tufted frame. Every piece contains motifs, highlights and dialect from Erin’s hometown.
Erin looked at what she enjoys most about the city, whilst gaining inspiration from the graffiti scene in Hull she works intuitively creating marks and shapes to form vibrant backgrounds for the motifs of the city. By drawing her favourite highlights of the region using digital media in a whimsical, fun way she hopes her illustrations bring features of the locality to life and engage with the audience because of their naïve qualities, lively colour and that local people will immediately recognise and identify with. Erin is very interested in how the observer feels when viewing her work, whether that’s through the sense of touch and the tactile essence of her work or whether they experience joy from the vibrant colours, pattern and whimsical design, this is something Erin is very passionate about and always wants the person to feel elated and connected to her work in some way.