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Erin Ledsom is an embroidery artist originally from Hull in the north of England and is a recent graduate from the Royal School of Needlework with a BA (Hons) in hand embroidery. She loves to immerse herself in colour, pattern and texture, these are important elements in Erin’s work as they help express her feelings and bring her work to life. Her designs are always fun and whimsical, they are very distinctive and never boring. She works in a very intuitive way, inspired by anything around her, bringing impressions out of objects and finding pattern in almost anything which is why she believes her subconscious is very near the surface as it comes into play a lot within her designing.

Erin works mostly in hand embroidery but also enjoys working in digital media, creating prints of her colourful designs. With embroidery she is passionate about using found and recycled items within her work and through a combination of processes within her embroidery she uses unconventional materials and makes them conventional. Using traditional hand embroidery techniques but with a contemporary twist. Texture is a huge part in Erin’s embroidery work as it fulfils all senses rather than just vision.

‘Embroidery is a unique example of an artform that actively seeks to manipulate the surface and stimulate a touch perception even when the work itself cannot be touched’.

Erin believes texture plays a significant part in embroidery and its important to keep stimulating our sense of touch, ‘as humans we cannot help but touch something’ Erin works best when she can use unusual materials as they can be turned into something much more with the use of imagination and manipulation, they create curiosity for the viewer. Using objects like pipe cleaners, wire, scuba strings and straws to create unique embellishments and 3D pieces, Erin enjoys using these components with the use of traditional hand embroidery techniques.

Erin wants the observer to feel elated and connected to her work, she wants them to be happy and resonate in some way with her colourful, amusing designs. She feels as though her designs can bring a smile to anyone’s face, the colours she uses are so vibrant and remind herself of being a child, bringing back joyful childhood memories. The tactile essence of Erin’s work would bring joy and curiosity to someone as we gain pleasure from feeling certain textures and trying to find out what the materials Erin has used will be interesting for the audience.